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Friday 26th and saturday 27th April - Fukushima,Kooriyama : Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs

4/26 Meeting 14:00 Action 15:00 4/27 general meeting 13:00~ : 4/26 Fukushima District Public Prosecutor's Office 4/27 Organization first year general meeting at kooriyama
14,000 plaintiffs are waiting for the decision by the Prosecutors on whether to prosecute the charged and establish the criminal case against them.
We Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs raise a protest to do a raid TEPCO on Chernobyl day.

Contact : Mari Hoshikawa

Saturday 27th April - Tokyo : Stop Gen-patsu ! Remember Chernobyl ! Remember Fukushima !

We will take actions against the Nuclear Power Plant. "Stop Gen-patsu ! Remember Chernobyl ! Remember Fukushima ! " at April 27 in western area of Tokyo, Japan.

"Our declaration to have no Nuclear Power Plants"

To the people living along the Seibu-line and around this area, we appeal to you heartily.

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster has showed that it was too unstable and is unable to coexist with Human beings and the environment, including plant and animal life.

We must have our first priority to be in our lives, above everything else.

Japan is a land that is susceptible to earthquakes, making it to be in no condition of having any Nuclear Power Plants.
In addition,we have no knowledge concerning on how to deal with nuclear and how to clean radioactive pollution.

We appeal to you again.

We are against the re-operation and construction of every single Nuclear Power Plant!
Let us abolish all Nuclear Power Plants!
We insist that the Government and Tokyo Electric Power Company(TEPCO) take responsibility of their actions and compensate the damages done to the victimes and to also guarantee their lives and livelihoods!
We are against the exportation of Nuclear Power Plant to other countries!

For our precious lives, we declare that we will create a future without the existence of Nuclear Power Plants!

April 27,2013

Citizens Coalition living along Seibu-line against Nuclear Power Plant (Han-Genpatsu Seibusen Ensen Rengo :ABBR Hanseiren)


Contact : Citizens Coalition living along Seibu-line against Nuclear Power Plant

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