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Wastwater lake (Royaume Uni)

Communiqué de presse:

Radiation Free Lakeland - Marianne Birkby -015395 63671


On 26th April 23 years ago the world’s worst nuclear accident took place. Around the world events took place last weekend to remember the ongoing Chernobyl disaster which is still felt in the Lakes with nine Cumbrian farms still under restrictions. The damage to the Children of Chernobyl is ongoing. Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK) says: “Time has not been a healer for the people of Belarus and the greatest fear is for the children of future generations”.

Here in Cumbria, Radiation Free Lakeland along with other anti nuclear groups, former Sellafield workers and Green Party Representatives walked around Wastwater talking to tourists and locals. Approximately £200 has been raised for the Chernobyl Children’s Project(UK)

Wastwater was voted as Britain’s favourite view. The lake, England’s deepest, is used to provide fresh water coolant for Sellafield, with over four million gallons of fresh water abstracted every day. ON April 1st there was a ’near miss’ at Sellafield with a loss of cooling water to the High level liquid waste tanks which need constant cooling with fresh water 24/7.

A spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland said " Councillor Wendy Kolbe was absolutely right to highlight the April 1st ’incident’ at Sellafield- electricity can be produced in many ways - wind, wave, solar, clean coal but fresh water is our most precious resource and the nuclear industry uses it like there was no tomorrow - not only while electricity is produced but decades after to cool the waste in order to prevent another Chernobyl"

Following the Chernobyl disaster, hundreds of towns were evacuated and wiped off official maps.

More information on the Chernobyl Children’s Project is available at www.chernobyl-children.org.uk.

More info on Chernobyl Day : http://www.chernobyl-day.org/?lang=... RELEASE

Radiation Free Lakeland - Marianne Birkby -015395 63671