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Group name : Tenner Films
Type : Groupe local

Short presentation
An ambitious, interactive film & online project exploring the controversial subject of Nuclear Power.

The aim of the project is to reveal the human story behind this complicated and often abstract subject, to meet the people whose lives are touched by the many different facets of nuclear energy, to entertain, enlighten and, above all, spark debate and discussion.

We hope to provide something for everyone, from energy professionals and campaigners, to folks whose main source of information about nuclear power is Homer Simpson !
Web Site : www.tennerfilms.com
Logo : jpg, gif or png File (500Ko maximum) : IMG/protege/form2/atom_man_abstract_panning_z.jpg


Name : Allen
First name : Abby
Email : abby tennerfilms.com
Phone : +44 (0)7734544549

Tenner Films 73c Herne Hill
Code : SE24 9NE
City : London
Country : UK

See online : http://www.tennerfilms.com