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No Nuclear Power Plant in Simo

Saturday April 26th

11:40 am: Gathering in front of the Town Hall in Kemi
12:00 Protest March against NPP from the Town Hall to Kemi Market Square (a walking distance, about 500m). Short Speeches delivered in the Market Square. Silent moment for victims of nuclear technology!

Please, in case you want to join this event, let Ms Eija Heikkuri know about the participation in advance: eija.heikkuri luukku.com by April 20th, 2008.


- Meri-Lappi Nuclear Network
Mervi Tuohimaa - mervi.tuohimaa gmail.com
Eija Heikkuri eija.heikkuri luukku.com

- Northern Finland Nuclear Network
Senni Luosujärvi- heratys hotmail.com
Hannu Karvonen - hkarvone mail.student.oulu.fi

- Kemi District Nature Conservation Association
Aimo Tervahauta - aimo.tervahauta aatsto.inet.fi

- Lapland Peace Committee
Kerstin Tuomala - kerstin.tuomala pp.inet.fi
Tuula Sykkö - tuulasykko hotmail.com