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Minsk (Biélorussie)

"Anti-nuclear Resistance" press-release:

Chernobyl Path 2009, Minsk, April, 26 2009

On the 26-th of April traditional demonstration "Chernobyl Path" took place in Minsk. Its aim was to commemorate victims of Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and to say "No" to nuclear energetics.

Participants of demo started to gather on the area near Academy of Sciences from 12:00 a.m. Gathering and initial rally took about 1 hour, and total number of participants just before procession was about 1.000 demonstrators - and this is today, when new Chernobyl threat has become more clear, when it seems that all forces should be applied to resist construction of NPP in Belarus. The reason is simple and clear: all opposition parties and movements totally ignored agitation company for attracting usual citizens to participate in "Chernobyl Path". So demo was mostly formed by different opposition organizations (about 5) and "Anti-nuclear Resistance" - anarchoblock with black, red’n’black and green’n’black flags, formed by 130 people.

During the rally participants of "Anti-nuclear Resistance" were holding banners "Alternative exists" (it means that alternative and renewable energy sources can substitute NPP), "We are against the nuclear reactor" and "Anti-nuclear Resistance". Leaflets with anti-nuclear and pro-anarchistic contents were spread during the rally. A lot of slogans against nuclear energy, state and capitalism were shouted by participants of anarchoblock, among them: "No to NPP!", "All budged is spend for NPP, no money left for salaries!", "Country without NPP! Country without monsters!", "We demand alternatives!", "Rise higher black flag - state is main enemy!", "Officials are thieves, politicians are liars! For the dollars they are digging a grave for country!", "We are stronger and we shall win!", "Our solution is self-governing!".

From the very beginning of the rally anarchoblock was put under constant and the most steadfast observation by KGB: more than 10 of its employees were filming, fotoing and "accompanying" block from the start to the end of the event. There was not so much of usual cops in the demonstration area.

After rally demonstrators crossed the street by subway, where they continued shouting slogans. There was an intrigue from the very beginning of the event: will the participants go by the route allowed by authorities, or will try to go to Yakub Kolas square, risking to confront with riot police. However, seeing that almost none of demonstrators is set to confront, and way to the square blocked by 3 lines of riot cops we decided to go some time by allowed route and then to turn to our route and go till it’s appropriate.

During time we were moving by B.Khmelnicki street riot cops were regrouping to block the Ya.Kolas street. So, standing on Ya.Kolas street, we were shouting slogans like "OMON - SS" (OMON is former name of riot cops), "We don’t afraid!", "A.C.A.B.!", as well contacting through megaphone students watching from windows of nearby hostels calling for resistance and reproaching them being not on the street.

After that we collect our flags and banners and started to leave the event, protesting against attempts of the authorities to impose there route. Even during our way home we where accompanied by about 20 cops in mufti.

FOTO: http://belarus.avtonom.org/?p=3871
WORDS(rus) & FOTO : http://belarus.indymedia.org/16668
WORDS(eng) : http://belarus.indymedia.org/16721
Video: http://belarus.indymedia.org/content/guest/16669.flv

Later at 18:40 40 activists of "Anti-nuclear Resistance" made a short unauthorized action on the square near supermarket "Belarus". Action was short cause cops patrolling street nearby immediately called for support from the nearest police station. However, even during that short time we were able to attract attention of passers using samba-band, banner "Alternative exists" and red’n’black flags. About 200 anti-nuclear leaflets were spread during the action.

FOTO: http://belarus.avtonom.org/?p=3881
VIDEO: http://belarus.indymedia.org/content/guest/16676.flv

Despite police and KGB control none was detained during the whole day.

The same day, activists in Hrodna also did not leave that day without attention: two banners "Chernobyl’1986 - Astraviec’20??. Anti-nuclear Resistance" were hung out in public places, and about a hundred pamphlets "Mythology of "peaceful atom" were distributed.

FOTO: http://belarus.indymedia.org/16677
VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk8I7W0CDMc

In 2008, the Security Council of Belarus has taken a final decision to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Nobody asked the people of Belarus, whether they want to have a delayed nuclear bomb in their country. Even without it most people in Belarus feel the impact of radiation. At the same time, the nuclear power plant will be constructed in credit for Russian assets. The money for the payment of the loan, at least 4 billion, will be taken from the pockets of the population, and how much construction will really cost we can only guess.

However, an alternative to nuclear power exists. This is solar, wind, biomass energy and small hydro-power plants. We propose to use funds to be spent on construction and maintenance of nuclear power plant, for development of alternative energy sources. In the future, this will help reduce the production costs of energy, avoiding the consequences of new Chernobyl.

For "Anti-nuclear Resistance", as for anarchists, "Chernobyl Path" is also the only day of the year when we can express our political views and do not run away from cops immediately after that, so the preparation was treated seriously and responsibly, and that gave its results - despite the common "failed" demonstration, we were the very bright and organized group of all who came. As well as not having support "form outside" we can already compete with the opposition in releasing agitation production and attracting people to our ranks.

Using riot cops and many "mufti" government wants to intimidate those who have an independent opinion, who thinks with his/her head, not with TV. Obviously one thing - they do not go! Year after year, we become increasingly more. Meanwhile government has force - but the truth is for us! Despite government’s opposition, we’ll achieve our goal and shall live in a country where decisions what to build and how to live will be made by us!

Anti-nuclear Resistance
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