Varsovie (Pologne)


Dimanche 26 Avril

Programme of central events organized in Warsaw, Poland by the (Polish) AntiNuclear Initiative (IAN) :

The Polish Citizens’ Protest&Commemorative Day 2009 :
- against the Polish government’s plans to construct NPPs and
- for keeping Poland the nuclear-free zone and a smart&sustainable public energy policy !

The Day’s agenda includes :
- a ’field’ press conference with irradiated champagne for the press people (at 13:30 hrs)
- a solemn ’after-radiation’ happening to open, and during, the march (start at 14:00 hrs)
- the peaceful march featuring the Anti-Nuclear Samba Band (14:15-15:45 hrs)
- petitions filed at the Parliament and the state’s Agency for Atomic Energy (PAA) during the march (ca. 15:00 hrs)
- a free vegan feast in front of the Parliament after the march provided by the Warsaw Group of ’Food Not Bombs’ (at 16:00 hrs)
- an evening gig featuring slide-shows and lectures – a benefit event for IAN’s activities (start at 18:00 hrs)

Address : Plac Zamkowy (press conference & march start) – Trakt Krolewski (the march) – ul. Krucza 36 (PAA petition) – Sejm (finish & FnB feast) PLUS Squat Elba (evening gig)

Contact :
Piotr Krupa – AntiNuclear Initiative’s spokesperson
Email : antyatom
Phone : (+48) 796.059392

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