Sinop (Turkey)


Sunday, April 26th

1:00 pm: demonstration in Sinop, Turkey; meeting at Ugur Mumcu Square.

M.Emrah Bilgiç - mebilgic

Sinop, the Chernobyl nuclear accident affected large degree and significant increase in cancer cases was seen.

Moreover, nuclear power plant in Sinop is too long for years now has been on the agenda of the government establishment.

Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan chaired the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government Sinop and Mersin / Akkuyu ’to do the nuclear power plants has resulted in the tenders and receive bids have come to the stage and meet the tender specifications were not given a one-sided price a company’s bid was accepted.

So the first year in Sinop are local nuclear power plants to fight against the environmental organizations, civil society organizations in the nuclear tender laws do not meet Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler and Electricity Distribution General Manager to inquire about the prosecution for the republic to head in the report were.

However, a thermal power plant in Sinop establishing the agenda of the district Gerze. To prevent the establishment of local thermal power plants in Sinop are also fighting.

Instead of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants to use clean energy sources and to develop them for years the people of Sinop in its struggle to once again be expressed as collective wants.

Therefore, the people of Sinop, and to take part in protest demonstrations in the world scale is important for activists opposed to nuclear power plants.

If you and the Chernobyl anniversary of deaths with respect to an in Sinop and both want to be held in Mersin Akkuyu nuclear power plants against the would like to support us, please take part in the e-mail address and contact.

You and your organization’s 23rd Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster an anniversary, and are thought to be established in Sinop against nuclear and thermal power plants to show our stance held on 26 April 2009 we will invite our protest rally.

To come to Sinop :

Aircraft to reach the Istanbul Ataturk airport from your country and then in the evening 19:00 Bayrampasa Esenler station will have to ride the bus Sinop.

Time 19:00, Sinop bus will bin. 07:00 Morning on Sinop. Bus Companies : Sinop Birlik, Turkay, Sinay 57.

Tickets cost 55 Turkish Lira, İstanbul-Sinop. (To get on the bus, in Bayrampaşa Esenler have to come to the bus station.)

For more information, please contact us.