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Helsinki (Finlande)

Demonstration against Nuclear Power

Saturday, April 25th

Participants gather in front of the parliament house in Helsinki, a group wear masks. The demonstration then moves from there to the center of Helsinki with banderols and a Troyan horse with yellow stones symbolizing nuclear waste. Speeches, music and other anti-nuclear program at the Three Smiths’ statue in the center.

The demonstration is a protest against the plans to build 1-3 new nuclear power plants in Finland, ignoring the people’s will and the risks and underestimating better solutions available in Finland. Instead of uranium mining and nuclear wastes polluting the environment we demand renewable energy and improving of energy efficiency.

Press confernce on Friday 24th April.

Below the organizations and movements taking part in organizing the demonstration and joining the international Tshernobyl day action: Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto (The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation) en partenariat avec:

Edelleen ei ydinvoimaa - liike - No More Nuclear Power movement - Greenpeace - Luonto-Liitto ry - Nature League - Naiset Atomivoimaa Vastaan - Women Against Nuclear Power - Naiset rauhan puolesta - Women for Peace Finland - Pand - Taiteilijat rauhan puolesta - PAND Artists for Peace - Sitoutumaton vasemmisto ry - Independent Left - Tekniikka elämää palvelemaan - TEP ry - Technology for Life - Vasemmistonuoret ry - The Left Youth of Finland - Vihreiden nuorten ja opiskelijoiden liitto ry - The Union of Green Youth and Students Ydinverkosto - Nuclear Network - Ydinvoimavapaa Suomi - Nuclearfree Finland

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