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Group name : Legambiente Onlus
Type : Organisation national

Short presentation
Legambiente is the most widespread environmental NGO in Italy. More than 25 years of history, 20 regional branches, over a thousand local groups and 115,000 members in the whole country, and 30thousands classes that take part to environmental education programs. Legambiente is a citizen-based volunteering association that fights to improve life quality and the environment, to guarantee health for all and for a different, happier and more equal world. Legambiente has opened the way in Italy to a strong and combative environmental voluntary action. It is strongly and actively committed in fighting against climate change, pollution, illegal building and has succeeded in seeing "eco-monsters" torn down. Legambiente carries out several scientific and awareness-raising campaigns and has collected thousands of data on the state of the sea, water, cities, Alpine ecosystems and Italian artistic heritage. Legambiente promotes energy-friendly lifestyles : the use of renewable energies, efficient and sustainable buildings, low emission mobility systems and GMOs-free food and agriculture. Furthermore Legambiente cooperates with schools on environmental educational programmes and offers chances for participation and actions to thousands of students and teachers. Legambiente provides updated environmental information to all its members with the magazine La Nuova Ecologia. With cooperation for development projects in developing countries Legambiente fights for a world where people and communities really are the protagonists of their own future.

Web Site : www.legambiente.eu
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Name : Valentini
First name : Viviana
Email : v.valentini legambiente.eu
Phone : +39 0686268345

via Salaria 403
Code : 00199
City : Rome
Country : Italy

See online : http://www.legambiente.eu