Helsinki (Finlande)

An antinuclear rally organized by Greenpeace and Finnish Association for Nature Conservation gathered 800-900 hundred people today. I’m sure a number of offices are going to beat that number many times over tomorrow, but it was a good achievement for us - Finns are quite hard to get on the streets. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that kind of energy on the streets in Helsinki and that makes me all the more optimistic about our struggle.

Photos from the event by yours truly are up on the web, our professional photographers should follow suit in an hour or two.

The main banner read "Risks for Finland - electricity for export?". There is a photo with an Areva banner that is comprehensible to a non Finnish audience.

Photos from yesterday’s preparatory events.

The events in the last two days saw a total of 15 MPs attending. Media coverage is split with some media doing good and positive stories and others focusing on business-as-usual statements by pro-nukes politicians and ignoring us.

Lauri / Greenpeace