Helsinki (Finlande)

There were articles in the Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest Finnish newspaper, and in the Hufvudsstadsbladet, the biggest Swedish paper in Finland, both with colorful big pictures.
There was also a few minutes impressive filming of a demonstration in Kemi, a city in northern Finland, in YLE TV news several times on the 26th, the actual Tshernobyl day.

There were certainly writings about the action in Kemi and snaller actions in other places in local papers of which we have not got any information, and I suppose the organizers have forgotten to inform you, too.

We had a Hearing in the auditorium of the parliament house on May 30. Activists from all the cities and communities that are threatened by a nuclear power plant or uranium mining presented their wise arguments and protests and the feelings of the peole in their native regions. The representatives of the nuclear energy companies had to answer their questions.
Unfortunately the invited uranium mining companies, Areva and Namura, did not appear in spite of registering. The head of the mining department of the ministry was present, anyway. The Hearing was very good, organized mainly by Ulla Klötzer and Lea Launokari, we others helping a little. There were some MPs, two Swedish speaking radios and a Finnish newspaper from Oulu, a city further north, but not for instance the Helsingin Sanomat. They do not want any negative information about nuclear power and uranium mining.

On 1st of June, there will be a demonstration in the center of Helsinki, people in yellow shirts and black signs forming a banderol of people, demanding -30% emissions without nuclear power. The demo is organized by several NGOs.

Anna-Liisa Mattsoff