Perth (Austalia)

Chernobyl Vigil

Friday, April 24th

Noon to 2pm
Chernobyl Vigil
Join with us to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster: outside Wesley Church, corner of Hay & William St, Perth, Western Australia.

The event will remember the victims of the Chernobyl accident, and stress the fact that nuclear power would be impossible without the mining of uranium. As Western Australia’s new government is planning to start mining uranium in this State, there will be a petition to the Legislative Assembly of W.A. calling for the reinstatement of the previous ban on uranium mining in our state of Australia. Some participants in the vigil will silently represent Chernobyl’s victims by wearing masks with radiation symbols and standing by a large banner with words: "REMEMBER CHERNOBYL? IT ALL STARTED WITH URANIUM MINING...." Other participants will don ’message aprons’ with wording like "Don’t Risk Uranium Mining", "Remember Chernobyl", "Uranium mining is the first step to nuclear power, nuclear weapons, radioactive wastes" - and of course "Please sign the petition to stop uranium mining starting in W.A." These people will be talking to and listening to members of the public and inviting them to sign the petition.

This vigil is organised by People for Peace, and People for Nuclear Disarmament, and will support WILPF’s call for the WHO to end its cooperation with the IAEA which has allowed the truth about the real consequences of Chernobyl to remain hidden for so long.

Anti Nuclear Alliance of WA
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