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Brunswick Heads (Australie)

Celebrating a non-nuclear afternoon in a riverside park with speakers, poems, music, info, t-shirts, European nuclear refugees & anti-nuclear petitions.... attended by about 100, including many young families.... of note was Peter Schnelbogl, & his massive anti-nuclear works (www.nor.com.au)/community/future & speaker Giovanni Ebono, member for the Greens Party, & Paol Serret who contributed the poster & photo.
I’ve done 2 radio interviews streamed internationally from www.bayfm.org including a live song "take me back to Chernobyl" on ’the Shakedown’ with Andy Travis on 23rd April, & anti-nuke interview with DJ Terra Nullus on The Cultural Awareness Show 26th April on same radio station, BayFM. Next week, that show will give away the www.roxstop-action.org kit, trying to stop massive expansion of the world’s biggest uranium mine.