Brunswick Heads (Australie)

Celebrating a non-nuclear afternoon in a riverside park with speakers, poems, music, info, t-shirts, European nuclear refugees & anti-nuclear petitions.... attended by about 100, including many young families.... of note was Peter Schnelbogl, & his massive anti-nuclear works ( & speaker Giovanni Ebono, member for the Greens Party, & Paol Serret who contributed the poster & photo.
I’ve done 2 radio interviews streamed internationally from including a live song "take me back to Chernobyl" on ’the Shakedown’ with Andy Travis on 23rd April, & anti-nuke interview with DJ Terra Nullus on The Cultural Awareness Show 26th April on same radio station, BayFM. Next week, that show will give away the kit, trying to stop massive expansion of the world’s biggest uranium mine.