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Let’s act together against nuclear power – Support the Belrad Institute

Chernobyl : the catastrophe has begun 24 years ago

At the beginning of March 2010, the Network “Sortir du Nucléaire” revealed that the EPR reactors presently under construction could be prone to a Tchernobyl-type accident. Do you want to prevent a new Tchernobyl? Then let’s take action all together.

Clip Chernobyl day 2010 by Italian organization RNA


Around April 26, 2010 many actions will be organised both in France and abroad. Every year Chernobyl Day highlights the health disaster which Belarus has been enduring for 24 years.
This year we are supporting the Belrad Institute, the only independent scientific organisation to provide assistance to irradiated children. In Belarus, four out of five children are contaminated by the radiation resulting from Tchernobyl.

The whole area is durably contaminated. The radioactivity is invisible but it will remain lethal for many generations.
For 24 years, the international authorities, and particularly the World Health Organization (WHO), have been incapable of responding to the needs of the affected people. The disaster continues.

Without any public support, Belrad measures the radioactivity in humans and prescribes treatments that eliminate 30 to 70% of contaminants within three weeks. Though vital, this treatment is not the perfect solution and should not serve as an excuse (for the rest of the world??) not to deal with the consequences of the catastrophe on the population and the environment, today and in the future. For more details, see http://enfants-tchernobyl-belarus.org

We know this is not sufficient, however it is urgent that children who have been irradiated by the Tchernobyl disaster be helped

It is essential to implement long term solutions for the victims

And it is possible, if we act today, to phase out nuclear power.

Chernobyl Day: let’s all take action around April 26.

Twenty four years after the Tchernobyl catastrophe, many of us intend to participate in order to denounce the lack of official response, to help the victims, to reject the plans for a nuclear revival and the massive risks nuclear industry imposes on humanity.

> Find more about action material

> Register your actions in the agenda. It is great if you organize something related to Belrad, but any kind of action against nuclear power is welcome.

Please spread this information as widely as possible. A complementary action will take place in Paris, between April 27 and May 7; it will be directed against nuclear weapons.

Contact: Charlotte Mijeon
International Relations
charlotte.mijeon sortirdunucleaire.fr
+ 33 3 20 17 94 91
+ 33 6 75 36 20 20