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22 April 2011 : The Network "Sortir du nucléaire" supports the symbolic blockade of the ASN building

Activists from the collective "Stop EPR 2" had originally planned to make a "citizen’s inspection" of the headquarters of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in Paris to demand the closure of all plants located in areas at risk (earthquake and flood) and to stop the projects in Flamanville and Penly . Due to a heavy police presence, they couldn’t enter the premises of the ASN: 25 militants, equipped with banners and disguised as scientists are currently blocking the headquarters of the ASN.

© Martin Leers

© Martin Leers

The nuclear accident would it, in the eyes of the state, be a lower risk than the public opposition to this dangerous nonsense? Given the large police deployment against militants, the question is legitimate.

Close reactors in risky areas and cancel EPR projects

25 years after the Chernobyl disaster, it is clearer than ever that nuclear energy is a fundamental problem and a threat to all humanity. The accident in Fukushima has collapsed the myth of nuclear safety, and reminds us that nuclear power is vulnerable to climatic and natural disasters: the use of this energy exposes people to unacceptable risks

Accordingly, the Network "Sortir du nucléaire " supports militants who are currently blockading the premises of the ASN. It is also associated with their request to immediately close all reactors in earthquake or flood zones and to cancel EPR projects in Flamanville and Penly.

94 rallies to demand nuclear Phase-out

Since 2 April , actions against nuclear power and in favor of alternative energy have been taking place all over France and worldwide. To date, there are 326 actions planned in France alone, 94 rallies during the Easter weekend . 16 nuclear sites will be affected by these gatherings: Flamanville, Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux, Cruas, Penly-Dieppe, St-Vulbas-Le Bugey, Fessenheim, Cattenom, Golfech, Le Blayais, Dampierre, Belleville, Chinon, Nogent-sur-Seine, St-Alban, Bugey, Brennilis and the laboratory in Bure.

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Photos © Martin Leers

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