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Other actions suggestion

Many other ideas of actions are to be discovered hereafter :

- Ask people in the street to sign in as liquidator!
This ironical action can be taken in various places, like in the street: ask people to sign in as liquidators in case of another nuclear plant disaster!
Download the "registration form" (in French):

PDF - 474.1 kb
Devenez liquidateur volontaire!

- the laying down of flowers in front of a public place (town hall…) for the past, present and future nuclear victims

- the organization of a lecture and debate

- a film projection followed by a debate with the audience

- a showing : we place at your disposal a showing of photos from Chernobyl taken by the American photograph Paul Fusco, as well as a second showing dealing with Chernobyl’s liquidators (texts in French).
Download the presentation of the showing of Paul Fusco’s photos here:

PDF - 70.9 kb
Exposition Paul Fusco

- the collection of signatures in the street : for example, you can make people sign the Charter of the Réseau "Sortir du Nucléaire" (to be downloaded by clicking on here)

- A "die-in" action in the street : the aim of such an action is for a group of people to stimulate a nuclear catastrophe by lying down in the street

- the delivery of (false) iodine pastilles at the market

- information stands : we can send you some equipment so as you may sell it. Don’t hesitate to ask for further information to Delphine:delphine.boutonnet sortirdunucleaire.fr
The whole equipment is presented here : http://boutique.sortirdunucleaire.org/

- the organization of a press conference

- the piling up of old electric radiators to make a pyramid, in front of an EDF agency in order to denounce the nuclear development made by the Company

- actions at the market : "the sale of false Chernobyl radioactive potatoes"

- street theatre dealing with the nuclear risks and wastes (with a staging using costumes, music…)

- the organization of "false collections" in order to fill in the €2 milliard gap that the BERD (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) is facing today. This sum would be necessary to finance the demolitions and the concrete formwork of Chernobyl. Money often impresses the minds you know!

RTF - 14 kb
Couacs dans l’industrie nucléaire

- you can also buy a T-shirt : Les Amis de la Terre (the Earth’s Friends) of Bruxelles, as well as WISE (World Information Service on Energy) sell some T-shirts made with organic cotton coming from equitable trade, with a drawing representing the sun and a slogan saying « Nuclear Energy, No, Thank you! » in different languages, for women as well as for men. It costs €22. Languages available for the slogan are the following ones : French, English, Dutch and Spanish. Each order helps these associations.

Orders can be made on the website http://www.foeshop.org

- write to your doctor to ask him to participate to the health professionals’action, the aim of which is to free WHO. Further information on this call and signatures....

Word - 22.5 kb
Exemple de courrier à adresser aux médecins

- Read or hand out a poem

Word - 45.5 kb
Exemple de poème

- Stick some posters on your home or car windows to inform people in the streets.

- Cyberaction: send an e-mail to the ministry of Ecology to recall to him the possiblity of alternative energies to nuclear and the commemoration of Chernobyl disaster.
Contact page of the Ministry of Ecology website

If you still have other ideas, don’t hesitate to tell them to: laura.hameaux sortirdunucleaire.fr