Masks against denial

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Made to be used for actions or manifestations, these masks were created to symbolize the denial of nuclear risks as well as the ignored victims of the radioactive contamination.

Made of a slightly rigid, plasticized (impermeable) paper, these masks are quite thin but solid. They can be attached to one’s face thanks to an elastic.

Creators of these masks : Cécilia Eandreoli and Fredi Chaffraud.


They are sold by sets of 5 masks and cost €5, the postage being included in the price.

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- Or make it by yourself

Poster "Chernobyl still kills"

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Poster "WHO-AEIA"

Made to mark the 50 years-submission of WHO to the AEIA. People have to know that the AEIA still acknowledges no more than 50 victims of Chernobyl’s catastrophe!

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Affiche OMS-AIEA
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Poster "Nucléaire: Danger permanent" in french

Map of France showing that nuclear industry is everywhere

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Carte "Nucléaire : danger permanent"

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Sign "Tcherno-Ville" (20x80cm)

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"Tcherno-Ville" sign

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