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Action "Masks against denial"

Between 20th 26th of April 2012, which is the anniversary of Chernobyl’s catastrophe, organize a solemn and unprecedented local action, with a high repercussion on the media! It’s easy to make even if you’re only two organizers.

The action will consist in wearing a mask and staying still, as long as you want, in front of an administration building, a nuclear plant : the head office or the agency of a pro-nuclear company (EDF, Areva, …), a nuclear site, a government department or a prefecture office, a town hall, etc...

You can also emphasize this action by laying down some flowers in memory of the past, present and future victims of the civil as well as the military nuclear power.

- Order some masks.

- Make your mask by yourself :

Use the picture below (better use a strong or laminated paper)

PDF - 603.5 kb
Modèle masque A4